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THURISAZ (Thor-Ee-Sas) Also: Thorn (Futhorc), Thurs (Younger Futhark) Latin Alphabet: “Th” (sometimes D) Literal Translation: Giants Esoteric: Strong One, Resistance As with most Futhark runes, Thurisaz has a two-fold meaning in divination- directed force, vital eroticism, regenerative catalyst, constructive conflict, or danger, defenselessness, betrayal, explosive violence, strife.

Nordic Runes

One of the most recognizable symbols used in modern Paganism is the Nordic Runes. The symbols originate from a series of related alphabets used to write Germanic languages in pre-Christian Europe. The earliest record of these inscriptions has been dated to 150 AD, many of the oldest found in Denmark and northern Germany. The runic… read more »