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ANSUZ (Ann-Suess) Also: Os or Ac (Futhorc), Oss (Younger Futhark) Latin Alphabet: A Literal Translation: Odin Esoteric: Breath or “Ancestral Sovereign God” As with most Futhark runes, Ansuz carries a two-fold meaning in divination- divine inspiration, word-power, transformation, intellect, communication, or misunderstanding, delusion, manipulation by others, and bad advice.


THURISAZ (Thor-Ee-Sas) Also: Thorn (Futhorc), Thurs (Younger Futhark) Latin Alphabet: “Th” (sometimes D) Literal Translation: Giants Esoteric: Strong One, Resistance As with most Futhark runes, Thurisaz has a two-fold meaning in divination- directed force, vital eroticism, regenerative catalyst, constructive conflict, or danger, defenselessness, betrayal, explosive violence, strife.


URUZ (Oo-Ruse) Also: Ur/Yr (Futhorc), Ur (Younger Futhark), Urus (Gothic) Latin Alphabet: U Literal Translation: “Aurochs” or Water Esoteric: Endurance, Manifestation In divination, Uruz symbolizes the dual nature of water- strength, constancy, vitality, health, pragmatic knowledge, and understanding or weakness, misdirected force, inconstancy, sickness, ignorance, and insensitivity.


FEHU (Fay-Who) Also: Fe (Younger Futhark), Feoh (Futhorc), Faihu (Gothic) Latin Alphabet: F Literal Translation: Cattle Esoteric: wealth, new beginnings, fortune/luck In divination, Fehu takes on a double meaning. It represent material wealth, power, new beginnings and social success, but can also indicate greed, poverty, and failure.