Black Salt



Used in banishing, warding, protection, hex-breaking, and returning negative energy to the sender

a fire-safe container (cast-iron is usually quite good for this)
mortar and pestle (or like tools)
a sealing container (jar, box with locking lid, etc.)
black food coloring (optional)
salt (rock salt, epsom salt, or sea salt)
black pepper

This should probably go without saying, but please practice fire-safety
when burning anything, for ritual purposes or otherwise.

While technically any ashes will do for Black Salt, I prefer to know exactly what I’m putting in the mix.
I will generally use a combination of burnt herbs (sage is good for this one),
tobacco ash (I’m a smoker, so this adds the very personal element of my own breath),
and burnt paper inscribed with symbols of protection and warding.
Burn whatever substance you choose in a fire-safe container;
let it burn out on its own, and then allow to cool.
Pour ashes into the mortar and crush until they are a fine powder
(roughly the consistency of baby-powder).

Add salt (a small amount at a time) and black pepper (roughly half the amount of salt)
to the mortar, and use pestle to mix with the ash.
The combination should end up roughly a charcoal-gray color.
(If you choose to add black food coloring to darken the mixture, do so now,
and continue to mix until the salt is the desired color.)

When the mixture is complete, store in a clean, sealing container (jar, etc.)
and keep in a cool, dry place.
Use in spell-work as desired. (A little goes a long way, so a small jar should last you awhile.)


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